About Us

Joseph Rudy, Owner

Hello and welcome to The Butterfly Company! I am proud to be the owner of a company with 40 years of history and a diverse and extensive family of customers and suppliers around the globe. I have been a life-long lover of butterflies, insects, and the natural world. I collect many things and have worked around the insect kingdom, buying and selling for many years.
That being said, I am also aware of the enormity of things to learn about the butterfly and insect world! If you’re a specialist and can offer assistance in any way, please don’t hesitate to email, write, or just give us a call. Or if you are a long-time collector looking for rarities, feel free to send us your “want” list.  My mission is to work tirelessly to provide you the same high level of product diversity, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service that you have come to expect. I look forward to many years of bringing you the most beautiful butterflies & insects the world has to offer!

The Butterfly Lady - Connie HurtConstance Hurt, (now ConstanceTipton) Founder

Hello and welcome to The Butterfly Company. My name is Connie Hurt and throughout the world, I've been known as ‘The Butterfly Lady'. Since 1977 I have been recognized as the leading supplier of tropical butterflies and insects.  My clients include prestigious museums, scientists, researchers, authors and educators, photographers, crafters and private collectors around the world.  

Traveling extensively, I've had the pleasure to host expeditions to the Amazon Jungle, visit suppliers around the world and to serve as advisor and consultant to Butterfly Farms and breeding projects.  My greatest challenge and success was being commissioned by museums to obtain great rarities. In so doing I bought and sold and established fair pricing for world-wide species.  This experience allowed me to establish market value and appraise specimens and numerous private, public and museum collections.  

Thank you for the honor to serve you in my life career.  Even though I have retired I will continue to appraise public and private butterfly collections. I will also assist Joe Rudy working to enhance your collections and businesses with the world's most desirable insects.  My last undertaking is finding a permanent home for my own private collection of tropical butterflies which is amazing, and which I intend to sell in the near future.  My collection displays some of the greatest rarities in the world.  You can contact me at (440) 387 8389.  Email: Connietipton74@gmail.com  

Ashleigh, Production & Office Manager

Ashleigh is a production Manager and designer at the Butterfly Co. She is proud of providing exceptional customer service and assists with the company’s large inventory of dried specimens meticulously preparing spreads and special projects of customer orders on a day-to-day basis. While being a newcomer to the world of butterflies and insects, she has been passionately committed to the preservation and process that goes into maintaining the beauty of each specimen. Her favorite butterflies include the Neon Green Swallowtail, Red Spotted Purple, and The Great Mormon- all of which are part of her growing collection! Prior to immersing herself in the world of butterflies and entomology, Ashleigh is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she completed her BFA in Studio Arts.

Hazel, Assistant Curator
Hazel grew up in Houston, Texas, surrounded by insects, but would not discover her passion for entomology until moving to Illinois to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Hazel also volunteers at the Chicago Field Museum, where she has pinned over 2,000 lycaenidaes for their entomology collection! When she’s not pinning insects or interacting with her invertebrate pets, Hazel can be found painting portraits of her cockroaches.



Lori Guilford, Office Manager, Accounting

What a relief to find Lori with years of experience in bookkeeping, banking, invoicing and payroll which keeps The Butterfly Co. running smoothly.  She has a hubby, a son who is a college grad foot ball star and world-traveling daughter working on her masters.  She loves to read and spoil Buddy our office mascot!

James Maudsley - Research and Breeder

Dr. James Maudsley is a professional butterfly breeder supplying North America species to The Butterfly Company.  Over the years Connie has commissioned Jim  to travel extensively to collect in many South and Central America countries.  His travels were to search for specific species for museums and research.  Also he collected live butterflies and eggs, breeding certain species including many rarities desired by seasoned collectors, prominent museums and for research.  In this photo, Jim has a 'Morpho rhetenor' male captured while on an expedition to French Guiana.

Our History

The Butterfly Company Unltd. (formerly Butterflies And Things) has a solid foundation serving customers since 1977. It was created to supply hobbyists and collectors, photographers, artisans, scientists, researchers, educational institutions and public butterfly houses with the most desirable insects from around the world.  Being a leader in the field is important to The Butterfly Company. From the beginning, we were and still are, committed to building quality long-term relationships with our clients. Even in today’s economy, we continue to steadily grow and are proud to be the best online source for butterflies and insects in the USA! We believe that our success is the result of the care and dedication we put into helping our customers acquire the world’s most amazing butterflies and insects for their collections and gift items that will last a lifetime.  Our goal... to stimulate your imagination and to arouse your curiosity about the fascinating world of butterflies and insects. We hope that you will start your own collection and continue to visit our website for years to come!