Use the links below to view more details about the framed butterfly collection, framed insect collection, framed beetle collection, or the collection of framed moths. Please understand that the collections pictured on these pages are not for sale; however, we invite you to start creating your own new collection of butterflies, moths, beetles, or any type of insects today!

Information about the butterfly, moth, beetle, and insect collections pictured on The Butterfly Company homepage

Whether you are adding to your current collection of insects or starting a new collection, visit our insect supplies department to stock up on supplies for insect collectors.

We sell 2" deep shadow boxes which are commonly one of the best ways to show off butterflies in your home or business, these collectible shadow boxes are available in 3 different sizes. Commonly collectors also buy plastic showcase to display insectsglass slides for butterfly wings,  black insect pinsstainless steel insect pins,  black insect pins,  Cornell display cases with wooden frames, or helpful and informational books about insects, butterflies, beetles, and moths.