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Wood boring beetles are preserved to perfection and come in exotic colors. Dried beetles include Buprestidae, or metallic wood boring beetles, and other types of beetles for education use, displays, or insect collections.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Bup450 Indonesia A1 28mm+ $9.95
Bup171 Perak, Malaysia M A1 35 $8.95
Bup360 Satipo, Peru M A1 50+ $7.95
Bup180 Perak, Malaysia M A1 35+ $5.95
Bup170 Chiang Mai, Thailand M A1 40 $4.95
Bup505 Beparasy, Madagascar M A1 30+ $18.95
Bup390 Omkoi, Thailand M A1/Np 55-65 $12.95
Bup180V Java M A1 25-30mm+ $7.95
Bup351 Perak, Malaysia M A1 20+ $3.95
Bup415 Indonesia A1 28mm+ $14.95
Bup600 Thailand M A1/Np 35-45mm $6.95
Bup380 Madagascar M A1 up to 48mm $5.95
Bup509 Beparasy, Madagascar M A1 25+ $7.95
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