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Flower Beetles

Flower beetles come in lots of different sizes, some have ornamental head horns and others have glorious colors. So you can start a collection of these, or build a collection family or country or of just a few of your favorites! In this collection of Flower Beetles (my own) I arranged favorites from Tanzania. Males are drama kings with fancy headhorns but I also like to display females to show sexual differences. Really, there isn't a right or wrong way to build a collection, just get started today! Beetles are very easy to re-hydrate and pose (mount) in any position.  View my videos on how to rehydrate and mount beetles

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Cet375 Uganda M A1 47-70mm $8.95
Cet450 Omkoi, Thailand M NP/A- 20 $3.95
Cet150F West Africa F NP/A- 50-60mm $16.95
Cet365F Africa F A1 TBD $4.95
Cet576F Uganda F A1 25-30mm $8.95
Cet700P Chiang Mai, Thailand M & F A1 30-35mm $21.95
Cet280 Argentina M A1/A- 23 $2.95
Cet610 South Africa M A1 27mm $5.95
Cet365 Africa M A1/NP TBD $5.95
Cet440 Valle, Colombia M A1 190mm $4.95
Cet375 A- Uganda M A-/A2 47-70mm $4.95
Cet452 India M A1 28mm $2.95
Cet-Kit101 World-wide Mix Mixed A1 to A- 30+ $27.95
Cet710 Perak, Malaysia M A1 30 $5.95
Cet560 A- West Africa M & F A- 40-50mm $2.95
Cet576 Uganda M A1 25-30mm $9.95
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