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image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Luc100 Sumatra Isl, Indonesia M A1 50 $29.95
Luc565 Congo M A1 35-38mm $6.95
Luc555 Cameroon M A1/NP $5.95
Luc555F Cameroon F A- $6.95
Luc415 Sumatra Island, Indonesia M A1 40 $4.95
AKA: Stag Beetle

P. bison is a stag beetle

Papua New Guinea M A1 55-65mm $5.95
Luc565F Congo F A1 25mm $5.95
Luc425F Sumatra, Indonesia F A1/NP 37-40mm $8.95
Luc425 Sumatra, Indonesia M A1/NP 32-38mm $7.95
Luc360 Arfak Mnts. W Irian Jaya, Indonesia M A1/Np 35+ $8.95
AKA: Metallifer

Cyclomatus metallifer is a STAG BEETLE

W. Peleng Isl, Indonesia M A1 75 $18.50
Luc535F Sumatra Island, Indonesia F A1 23-25mm $3.95
Luc455 Sumatra Island, Indonesia M A1 50 $8.95
Luc120F Chile F A1 25-30mm $6.95
Luc460 Thailand M A1 70 $9.95
Luc468 Malaysia M A1/NP 23-35mm $5.95
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