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Buy butterflies for use in art, craft projects, butterfly collections, & creative decorations.

All butterfly specimens for sale are farm raised butterflies from around the world that died from natural causes.

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Morphidae / Blue Morphos & Others

For many years the naming of Morpho butterfly species has been surrounded in confusion and controversy. The goal of TBC is to provide a great resource for anyone to buy dried butterflies and be as scientifically accurate as possible. For this reason, when we identify Morphos we offer for sale, we use the wonderful series of Morpho reference books created and authored by Patrick Blandin. Blandin is the first to create a comprehensive revision of Morphos since the historical works of Eugène Le Moult and Pierre Réal over a half-century ago! Older names and other synonyms will be noted in descriptions and we will do our best to illustrate and describe variations, forms and more. (FYI-*As morpho abdomens contain oil which can permanently stain/damage the wings, abdomens are carefully removed by our suppliers around the world, this is barely noticeable and does not affect the value of a specimen)

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Mor140 Peru M A1/Np 140-150mm $59.00
AKA: Cypris

Morpho cypris Blue Morpho

Boyaca, Columbia M A1 120 $90.00
AKA: Cypris

Morpho cypris Gold Female

Boyaca, Columbia F A1 120+ $1,200.00
Mor190F Linden, Guyana F A1/NP 125mm $24.95
Mor195 Iguaza, Brazil M NP 100 $16.95
Mor269 Brazil M A1 140+ $55.00
Mor269A- Brazil M A- 140+ $24.95
Mor300F Linden, Guyana F A1/NP 110 $21.95
Mor350 Satipo, Peru M A1/NP 120 $35.95
Mor350 A- Satipo, Peru M A- 120 $18.95
Mor376 Peru M A1 120-140mm $24.95
Mor376 A- Linden, Guyana M A- 110 $15.95
Mor376F Guyana F A1 $124.95
Mor376F A- Guyana F A- $39.95
CRCH-Mor405 Peru M A1 140mm+ $12.95
CRCH-Mor405 A- Peru M A1 140mm+ $12.95
CRCH-Mor405B Peru M A1/Np 140mm+ $12.95
CRCH-Mor405B A- Peru M A1/Np 140mm+ $12.95

Danaidae / Tigers & Crows

'Rice Paper' butterflies are stunning in collections!  Their large wings are translucent white attractively patterned in smokey black and gray.  They glide through rainforests slowly making easy targets for predators to see.  But like the Monarch butterfly, they are distasteful because of the food plants they eat as caterpillars and birds and insects recognize their wings which give warning about their nasty taste - in the same way some bees advertize with their black and yellow striped warning colors.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Dan121 Palawan, Philippines M A1 55 $4.95
Dan132 Athens, Georgia M A1 65 $6.95
Dan150 Athens, Georgia M or F A1 80 $9.95
Dan150ab Athens, Georgia M A1 85+ $35.00
Dan200 Seram Island, Indonesia M Np 110 $5.95
Dan213 Marinduque, Philippines M A1 95+ $6.95
Dan249F Philippines F A1 85 $5.95

Satyridae / Glasswings & Satyrs

Preserved glasswing butterflies and satyrs highlight the delicate nature of the Satyridae. Buy butterflies such as glasswings & satyrs for a rare addition to your butterfly display case.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Sty143 Iquitos, Peru M A1 50 $6.95
Sty150 Satipo, Peru M A1 50 $8.95

Lycaenidae Etc. / Mini Butterflies

Find and buy butterflies for display including rare, brilliant Lycaenidae, including other colorful types of butterflies. With over thirty years of experience in butterfly preservation, our team is well-traveled and highly knowledgeable about different butterflies from all over the world.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Lyc150 Satipo, Peru M A1 40 $24.95
Lyc189 Southeast Asia M A1/NP 40 $18.95
Lyc250 Tingo Maria, Peru M A1 40 $7.95

Nymphalidae / Meadow Wanderers

Nymphalidae, also know as meadow wanderers, are extremely vibrant specimens making the average butterfly display explode with color. With over thirty years of experience in butterfly preservation, we are a proud supplier of Nymphalidae, all rated for excellent quality.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Nym080 Satipo, Peru M A1 TBD $4.95
Nym107 Satipo, Peru M A1 75 $22.95
Nym109 Tingo Maria, Peru M A1 75 $59.95
Nym111 Tingo Maria, Peru M A1 75 $125.00
Nym153 Junin, Satipo Peru M A1 55 $14.95
Nym194 Tingo Maria, Peru M A1 80 $10.95
Nym227F Peru F A- 85 $12.50
Nym244 Rondos, Satipo Peru M A1 35 $4.95
Nym428 Bangui, Central Africa M A1 55 $5.95
Nym432 Satipo, Peru M A1/A- 35 $4.95
Nym530 Peru M A1 85-95mm $8.95
Nym535 Philippines M A1 $7.95
Nym541 Mdgr M A1 60 $8.95
Nym541F Mdgr F A1 60 $4.95
Nym747F Junin, Satipo Peru F A1 90 $485.00
Nym803 Sahuarita, Arizona M A1/NP 55 $6.95
Nym804 Bred in Georgia M A1 75 $21.95

Papilionidae / Swallowtails & More

Swallowtail butterflies and other types of butterflies have been preserved for collectors of all types. Explore over fifty types of swallowtail butterflies for sale and other preserved Papilionidae collected from different countries all over the world.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Pap121 Philippines M A1 60-70mm $17.50
Pap121F Philippines F A1 60-70mm $15.50
Pap121P Philippines M&F A1 60-70mm $24.95
Pap158L Gainsville, Florida M A1/Np 65 $5.95
Pap158LF Gainsville, Florida F A1 65 $6.95
Pap158TF Gainsville, Florida F A1/Np 65 $6.95
Pap176 Philippines M A1 65 $7.95
Pap179 Palawan, Philippines M A1 70 $0.99
AKA: Sarpedon

Graphium sarpedon

Palawan, Philippines M A1/NP 70 $2.95
Pap310 Morobe Province, PNG M A1 120mm $7.95
Pap334 S Sulawesi Island, Indonesia M A1 100 $8.95
Pap338F S Greenville County, SC M A- 95+ $8.95
Pap388 Georgia, USA M A1 90 $6.95
Pap402 Mindoro Island, Philippines M A1 100 $74.95
Pap408 Philippines M A1 100 $9.95
Pap410 W Java Island, Indonesia M A1 30-40mm $4.95
Pap420F Palawan, Philippines F A1 75 $3.95
Pap449 China M A1/Np 60-80mm $11.95
Pap478 Florida, USA M A1/Np 90 $5.95
Pap478F Florida, USA F A1/Np 90+ $7.95
Pap479 Marinduque, Philippines M A1/Np TBD $7.95
Pap489 E Java, Indonesia M A1 80 $7.95
Pap490 Indonesia M A1 TBD $9.95
Pap510F Marinduque, Philippines F A1 TBD $3.50
Pap511 Alabama, USA M A1 65 $6.95
Pap511F Alabama, USA F A1 65-70mm $6.95
Pap519 Philippines M A1/Np 100-110mm $7.95
Pap519F Philippines F A1/Np 100-110mm $11.95
Pap520 San Antonio, Satipo Peru M A1 125+ $4.95
Pap522 Peru M A1 100 $5.95
Pap524 Polk County, Florida M A1 70 $6.95
Pap600 Sulawesi Island, Indonesia M A1 80 $11.50

Ornithoptera / Birdwings

Birdwings come preserved with expert care. Add birdwings ranging from aesacus to croesus and other types of Ornithoptera to your preserved butterfly collection.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Orn637F Halmahera Island, Indonesia F A1 165+ $9.95
Orn686F Arfak Mnts, Irian Jaya Indonesia F Np/A- 170+ $6.95
Orn686-T Indonesia M A1 130 $24.95
Orn715 Arfak Mnts, Irian Jaya Indonesia M A1 120+ $34.00
Orn746 Palawan; Philippines M A1 140 $18.00
Orn746F Sumatra Island, Indonesia F A1/NP 150 $18.95
Orn760F Mt. Wayang, W. Java F A1 TBD $12.95

Heliconiidae / Long-Wings

Long wing butterflies make colorful additions to any butterfly display. Find butterflies with the most unique and beautiful qualities, especially these long wing butterflies, and add them to your collection!

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Hel101 Athens Georgia, USA M Np 60 $7.95
Hel101F Athens Georgia, USA F A1 60 $7.95
Hel125 Otanche, Colombia M A1 60 $5.95
Hel200 Polk County, Florida M A1/A- 60 $6.95
Hel246 Atalaya, Peru M A1 55 $3.75
Hel400 Satipo, Peru M A1 60 $5.95

Pieridae / Jezabels & Yellows

Jezebels and yellow butterflies are our specialty at The Butterfly Company. Find butterflies dried and preserved for displays and collections and ask about additional services and butterfly spreading options.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Pie102 Satipo, Peru M A1 75 $5.95
Pie105 USA M A1 20 $5.95
Pie105F USA F A1 20 $6.95
Pie120 Philippines M A1/Np 50-60mm $1.95
Pie127 Palawan, Phillippines M A1/Np 50 $4.95
Pie132 Polk County, Florida M A1 45 $1.95
Pie285 Philippines M A1 55-65mm $3.95
Pie316 Palawan, Philippines M A1 50 $3.95
Pie530 New Guinea M A1 TBD $7.50
Pie570 Peru M A1 50 $3.95
Pie573 Philippines M A1/NP 45 $1.95
Pie632 Philippines M A1 70 $5.95
Pie715 Madre De Dios, Peru M A1 50 $2.95
Pie770 San Antonio, Satipo Peru M A1 60 $4.95
Pie780 Rondos, Tingo Maria Peru M A1 65 $5.95

Amathusiidae / Jungle Queens

Queen butterflies add a touch of beauty to any butterfly collection. Originating in Indonesia, the Jungle Queen butterfly is perfect for displaying in museums or classrooms.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Ama205 Asia M A1/NP TBD $24.00

Hesperidae / Skippers

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Hes230 Peru M A1 20mm+ $4.95

Assortments and Kits

Order different types of butterfly related products, start-up kits with a butterfly display case, activity kits, as well as an assortment of butterfly collection activity kits.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
BFKEA-105 World-wide M&F A1 40+ $19.95
Abf202M North America M A1/A- 40+ $23.95
BFK101 World-wide M A1 40+ $84.95
BFK8-A Africa M A1 $54.95
BFK8-I Indonesia M A1 $64.95
BFK8-N North America M A1 40+ $54.95
BFK8-S South America M A1 40+ $64.95

Butterfly Wings for Crafts

Order butterfly wings to use in crafts, artwork, and jewelry creations! All butterfly wings are from farm-raised butterflies around the world that died from natural causes. Click on the item or butterfly wings image for more information or to purchase the product.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Abf290B Various M 2nd Quality 50+ $19.95
Abf251 World-wide M Good 40+ $39.95
Abf251-B World-wide M Poor 40+ $18.95
Abf326 USA M Good 25 $29.95

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