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Long wing butterflies make colorful additions to any butterfly display. Find butterflies with the most unique and beautiful qualities, especially these long wing butterflies, and add them to your collection!

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Hel800 Madre De Dios, Peru M A1 90 $7.50
Hel246 Atalaya, Peru M A1 55 $2.50
Hel101 Athens Georgia, USA M Np 60 $5.95
Hel675 Satipo, Peru M A1 65 $3.50
Hel140 Satipo, Peru M A1/Np 70 $2.95
Hel400 Satipo, Peru M A1 60 $3.95
Hel125 Otanche, Colombia M A1 60 $2.50
Hel101F Athens Georgia, USA F A1 60 $5.50
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