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For many years the naming of Morpho butterfly species has been surrounded in confusion and controversy. The goal of TBC is to provide a great resource for anyone to buy dried butterflies and be as scientifically accurate as possible. For this reason, when we identify Morphos we offer for sale, we use the wonderful series of Morpho reference books created and authored by Patrick Blandin. Blandin is the first to create a comprehensive revision of Morphos since the historical works of Eugène Le Moult and Pierre Réal over a half-century ago! Older names and other synonyms will be noted in descriptions and we will do our best to illustrate and describe variations, forms and more. (FYI-*As morpho abdomens contain oil which can permanently stain/damage the wings, abdomens are carefully removed by our suppliers around the world, this is barely noticeable and does not affect the value of a specimen)

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Mor277 Brazil M A1/NP 80-110mm $29.95
Mor376 A- Linden, Guyana M A- 110 $15.95
Mor300A- Linden, Guyana M A- 100+ $5.95
Mor210 Satipo, Peru M A1/NP 150 $18.95
Mor269 Brazil M A1 140+ $45.00
Mor220 Chapare, Bolivia M A1 120+ $44.95
Mor394F Cuzco, Peru F A1 95 $90.00
Mor411 San Martin, Peru M NP/A- 130 $90.00
Mor300F Linden, Guyana F A1/NP 110 $21.95
Mor350 Satipo, Peru M A1/NP 120 $35.95
Mor195 Iguaza, Brazil M Np/A- 100 $18.95
Mor140 Peru M A1/Np 140-150mm $59.00
Mor190 Guyana M A1/NP 110 $13.95
Mor282 A- Peru M A- 80 $8.95
Mor375F Tingo Maria, Peru F A1 150 $250.00
MOR300MINI Linden, Guyana M A1/NP approx 60-70mm $21.95
Mor282F (A-) Guyana F A- $19.95
Mor300 Linden, Guyana M A1/NP 100+ $14.95
Mor280F Guyana F A1/NP $55.00
Mor269A- Brazil M A- 140+ $24.95
AKA: Cypris

Morpho cypris Gold Female

Boyaca, Columbia F A1 120+ $1,200.00
Mor190 A- Linden, Guyana M A- 110 $8.95
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