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Nymphalidae, also know as meadow wanderers, are extremely vibrant specimens making the average butterfly display explode with color. With over thirty years of experience in butterfly preservation, we are a proud supplier of Nymphalidae, all rated for excellent quality.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Nym227F Peru F A- 85 $12.50
Nym530 Peru M A1 85-95mm $8.95
Nym803 Sahuarita, Arizona M A1/NP 55 $6.95
Nym107 Satipo, Peru M A1 75 $22.95
Nym111 Tingo Maria, Peru M A1 75 $125.00
Nym432 Satipo, Peru M A1/A- 35 $4.95
Nym428 Bangui, Central Africa M A1 55 $5.95
Nym153 Junin, Satipo Peru M A1 55 $14.95
Nym747F Junin, Satipo Peru F A1 90 $485.00
Nym541F Mdgr F A1 60 $4.95
Nym810 Peru M A1 TBD $8.95
Nym244 Rondos, Satipo Peru M A1 35 $4.95
Nym804 Bred in Georgia M A1 75 $21.95
Nym109 Tingo Maria, Peru M A1 75 $59.95
Nym080 Satipo, Peru M A1 TBD $4.95
Nym535 Philippines M A1 $7.95
Nym541 Mdgr M A1 60 $8.95
Nym194 Tingo Maria, Peru M A1 80 $10.95
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