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Swallowtail butterflies and other types of butterflies have been preserved for collectors of all types. Explore over fifty types of swallowtail butterflies for sale and other preserved Papilionidae collected from different countries all over the world.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Pap541 Ceram Island, Indonesia M A1 100 $9.95
Pap511 Alabama, USA M A1 65 $5.95
Pap121F Philippines F A1 60-70mm $15.50
Pap478F Florida, USA F A1/Np 90+ $7.95
Pap328 Satipo, Peru M A1 100 $18.95
Pap158LF Gainsville, Florida F A1 65 $5.95
Pap179 Palawan, Philippines M A1 70 $1.50
Pap501 E Java Island, Indonesia M A1 75+ $5.95
Pap146 Peru M A1 65 $2.95
Pap388BF Georgia, USA F A1/Np 90 $5.95
Pap304 Philippines M A1 50+ $4.95
Pap121 Philippines M A1 60-70mm $17.50
Pap129 Peru M A1 60-70mm $4.95
Pap164 Bogata, Columbia M A1 80 $4.95
Pap553 Shimabemzo, Satipo Peru M A1 100 $12.95
Pap304F Philippines F A1 50+ $4.95
Pap365 Marinduque, Philippines M A1 65 $1.95
Pap478 Florida, USA M A1/Np 90 $5.95
Pap511F Alabama, USA F A1 65-70mm $6.95
Pap600 Sulawesi Island, Indonesia M A1 80 $7.50
AKA: Sarpedon

Graphium sarpedon

Palawan, Philippines M A1/NP 70 $4.95
Pap121P Philippines M&F A1 60-70mm $24.95
Pap558 Mindoro Island, Philippines M A1 120 $80.00
Pap388F Georgia, USA F A1 90 $7.50
Pap560B Peru M A1 50+ $6.95
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