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Jezebels and yellow butterflies are our specialty at The Butterfly Company. Find butterflies dried and preserved for displays and collections and ask about additional services and butterfly spreading options.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Pie714F Philippines F A1 50-60mm $3.95
Pie632 Philippines M A1 70 $5.95
Pie410 Irian Jaya, Indonesia M A1 45 $2.95
Pie277 Irian Jaya, Indonesia M A1 45 $2.95
Pie263 Indonesia M A1 40-50mm $2.95
Pie570 Peru M A1 50 $3.95
Pie120 Philippines M A1 50-60mm $1.49
Pie715 Madre De Dios, Peru M A1 50 $1.50
Pie782 Peru M A1 45 $2.95
Pie132 Polk County, Florida M A1 45 $0.90
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