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Here we are offering unusual or rare beetles, insects, and other surprises from the entomology world we've uncovered for you!

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
CRCM-PMSF Kuranda, N. Queensland Australia F A1 40mm $74.95
CRCM-DHL Napo, Ecuador M A1 142mm $150.00
CRCM-SG1 Kapiro Village (Wau District) Alorobe Prov PNG M Very Good 210mm $165.95
CRTBC-CAR Costa Rica Very Good 24mm $232.75
CRCM-CRB Quatunga aseki sub. Morabe Prov., PNG M A1 46mm $350.00
CRCM-DHG Central America M A1 44mm $712.50
CRCM-DTS Chiang Mai, Thailand M Excellent 70mm $64.95
CRCM-XFB Flores, Indonesia M Excellent 68mm $49.95
CRCM-GC2 West Africa M Excellent 85mm $427.50
CRTBC-HSB South America M Excellent 40-50mm $118.75
CRCM-GCB West Africa M Excellent 85mm $427.50
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