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Papilionidae / Swallowtails & More

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
CMTC-P25 Solomon Island M Good 90+ $95.00
CRTBC-POS Tanzania M A1 110-115mm $14.95
BFSHWRM-PNP2 Watamu, Kenya, Africa Pair A1 68, 64mm $58.95
BFSHWRM-PMC Pampa Hermosa, Junin, Satipo, Peru, Oct. 16 2009 M A1 107mm $46.95
BFSHWRM–BMM Peru, 2009 M, M, M A1 79, 68, 79mm $110.45
CRTBC-PZELP California PAIR Very Good $105.00
CRTBC-PEF New Guinea F Good, missing one antennae and small chip in wing 115mm $21.95
CMTC-P30 Mexico M Fair 90+ $190.00
BFSHWRM-BBP El Salvador Pair A1 78, 84mm $72.95
CRJD-BMB2 Southeast Asia M A1 70mm $125.00
CMTC-P31 Mexico F Fair 90+ $210.00
CRGS-PGS USA M Good, small expert repair will be done on lower left hindwing 83mm $24.95
BFSHWRM-PPA Chicago, IL, USA, 2011 F A1 72mm $18.95
CRGS-GMS Lee County, Arkansas M Very Good 45mm $24.95
CMTC-P22 Solomon Island F Fair shown $22.00
CRTBC-GMEEK Bougainville M Excellent 82mm $445.95
CRTBC-PAR1 Asia Mix Excellent 63-65mm $64.95
CTBC-PAZ Costa Rica M A1 (mint) 70-85mm $295.00
BFSHWRM–PFH North Solomon Island, June 1994 F A1 115mm $45.95
CRJD-BTB Southeast Asia M A1 70-80mm $165.00
CRJD-BTB Bhutan Region M Good/A- 113mm $349.95
CRTBC-PAR2 Asia Mix Excellent 60-70mm $64.95
CRJD-POP Eastern Asia M Very Good TBD $45.00
CRJD-PAP Central Asia M Very Good TBD $38.95
CRJB-PGG Ambon Island, Indonesia F Good, slight scratches on topside 142mm $71.50
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