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Saturnidae / Silk Moths

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
CRJD-ITM Tropical Africa M Good, A1/NP TBD $38.95
CRJD-CRM Brazil M Fair, NP/A- TBD $34.95
CRJD-AHM The Himalayas; Sundaland M Good TBD $28.95
CRTBC-AZM Mexico M A1 56mm $18.95
CRTBC-HEMF Canada to Baja California F A1, chip on left antennae tip 122mm $28.95
CRJD-ALM Southeast Asia M Good to Fair, NP/A- TBD $42.95
CRTBC-SRMF Tropical Asia F Good, light scuffs and deformed hindwing 110mm $19.95
CRTBC-RCM2 Mexico; 10/5/1992 F A1 84mm $24.95
CRTBC-RFS2 South America, 05/5/1994 M or F A1 110mm $10.95
CRJD-CJM Eastern Asia M Very Good TBD $45.95
CRTBC-HEM Canada to Baja California M A1, sans one antennae 83mm $26.95
CRGS-PTM South Africa M Good, right wing tip is chipped 100mm $24.95
CRTBC-SRM4 Tropical Asia F Good 127mm $24.95
CRWH-CV Brazil M Good 63 mm $34.95
CRGS-ITM Tropical Africa M Good 160mm $28.95
BFSHWRM-AHS China M A1 105mm $24.95
CRTBC-SRM Tropical Asia M Very Good 110mm $22.95
CRTBC-AZMF Mexico F A1/NP, minor chips in right forewing; no antennae 65mm $19.95
CRJD-ATM1 Cameroon M Fair, some tears 80-90mm $34.95
CRTBC-HCM Utah, IV-15-1994 M Very Good, minor right antennae breakage 107mm $27.95
CRTBC-SYS USA M Very Good 65mm $24.95
CRGS-ATM Cameroon M Good 98mm $22.95
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