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Preserved grasshoppers and katydids are positioned to perfection in order to showcase their brilliant colors and unique insect designs. Add rose winged grasshoppers, purple winged grasshoppers, and a variety of katydids to an insect collection, display, or educational showcase.

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Grasshoppers are fascinating creatures, these bug specimens make great conversation points in collections and we have whoppers! I mean real whoppers bigger than your hand and their colors will amaze you. We suggest you start with the brightest red wing hopper from Madagascar (Ghp290) and when you want to splurge try our favorite purple winged beauty from Peru (Ghp295). Males and female grasshoppers look alike but females are always larger. Need some helpful tips how to spread those wings? Watch how we do it:  How to re-hydrate a grasshopper?   How to spread a grasshopper

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Ktd-16F Papua New Guinea M A1 TBD $18.95
Ktd-16 Papua New Guinea M A1/NP TBD $16.95
Ktd-17 Thailand M A1 TBD $9.95
Ghp295 Cayenne, French Guiana M A1 100+ $15.95
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