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Dried walking stick insects make an interesting addition to an insect collection or educational insect display. Use walking stick insects to explore the wonder of the natural world, or place on display with the rest of your insect collection.

image item # name origin sex quality size mm price
Wsk825F Morobe Prov. PNG F A1 230-240mm, wingspan 200-210mm $28.95
Wsk877 Perak, Malaysia M A1 100 $12.95
Wsk644FY East Java F A1/NP 190mm+ $38.95
Wsk754F Perak, Malaysia F A1/NP 140+ $14.95
Wsk643F Australia F A1 110mm $18.95
Wsk644F Timor Island F A1 160+ $17.95
Wsk644FSPD Timor Island F A1 160+ $36.95
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