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SBD - Nonadj $15.95
AKA: Spreading Boards

NEW Adjustable Spreading boards with balsa wood surface designed for easy wing positioning! 4 Sizes!

SBD-FSB $11.95
AKA: Plastic Show Case

The most economical way for show and store collectibles and butterflies. 3 different sizes.

AKA: Black Insect Pins

Most popular insect pin in the world. Package of 100. 7 Popular sizes!

AKA: Stainless Insect Pins

Fine quality insect pins recommended for high humidity. Several popular sizes!

AKA: Butterfly Wing Slides

Glass wing slides designed to hold wings in place while drying! 4 Popular sizes!

AKA: Wood Display Cases

Fine quality Cornell Display Cases, storage cabinets and shadow boxes

AKA: Riker Shadow Box

This 2" deep Shadow Box is ideal to show off butterflies and other collectibles. 4 different sizes

AKA: Riker Mounts

Riker Mounts are an attractive way to display your butterflies and other collectibles. Lots of sizes!

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