Ornithoptera arfakensis arfakensis PAIR, Paradise Birdwing

Ornithoptera arfakensis arfakensis PAIR
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Arfak Mnts, Irian Jaya Indonesia
Paradise Birdwing
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SUPERIOR CONDITION!!   This species is said to be the most exquisite of all the birdwings and it is one of the only tailed birdwings in the world.   Suppliers tell us when its' alive the males give off a scent that smells like vanilla and roses to attract the elusive females!   Isn't that somethin'..... the male has the foo foo juice!      Like all of our birdwings, the CITES permits are kept on file with the wildlife department and the numbers are transferred to your invoice.  

Here is some scientific information about why we do not call this butterfly 'Ornithoptera paradisea arfakensis' anymore....

Ornithoptera arfakensis and Ornithoptera paradisea are now considered two different species:

arfakensis (includes nominate arfakensis, galatea and occidentalis)

paradisea (includes nominate paradisea, borchi, chrysanthemum, demeter, detanii, flavescens, sabinae and the new ssp described from Kaimana)

The main visable difference between the two is on the male tails:  


arfakensis (left) has the black line hugging the inside bottom edge of the tail while in paradisea the black line runs down the middle.


   CHOOSE FLAT for photography, collections and display 

  CHOOSE IN FLIGHT for variable natural poses of our choice 

           Packaged for safety in transit  


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