Ornithoptera tithonus misresiana MAGNIFICENT PAIR, Sir James Tithonus Birdwing

Ornithoptera tithonus misresiana MAGNIFICENT PAIR
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Arfak Mnts, Irian Jaya Indonesia
Sir James Tithonus Birdwing
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O. tithonus is one of the most highly sought after of the birdwings, with it's huge beautiful green wings, and large dramatic black bands that cascade across it's forewings.. perhaps some knowledge of history is helpful to know how it got his name~

In Greek mythology, Tithonus was a beautiful and strong young man, one of the most handsome in the ancient world! Early in his life, he was discovered by Eos the goddess of the dawn. They quickly fell in love and enjoyed a passionate and fiery relationship. Eos fell so deeply in love with Tithonus that she went to Zeus, and begged that he grant Tithonus eternal life so that they could live together forever.  And Zeus granted Eos's request! However, since Eos had also forgotten to ask for eternal youth, Tithonus did indeed live forever, but suffered the loss of all his beauty and youth, wasting away while he continued to live. Talk about a cruel twist of fate! Perhaps the beautiful black bands cascading across this butterfly's wings will remind you of Tithonus's youth and beauty! 


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