Ornithoptera tithonus misresiana MAGNIFICENT PAIR, Sir James Tithonus Birdwing

Ornithoptera tithonus misresiana MAGNIFICENT PAIR
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Arfak Mnts, Irian Jaya Indonesia
Sir James Tithonus Birdwing
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This is by far one of my persoanal favorites!   Ornithoptera tithonus misresiana is becoming harder and harder to get.   This beauty if from the Angi Lakes area in the Arfak Mountains in West Irian, Indonesia, and it is a favorite because of its extraordinary wing shape!     The wingspan noted is for the male, the female is larger.  A favorite story in part, about the early captures of this species written in part by CB Pratt (taken from the Haugum and Low Monograph of the Birdwing Butterflies);  "The day after we arrived in the Arfak Mountains we each took a specimen of the male - one fortunately perfect.  Soon after we noticed a tree overhanging a steep precipice, with a sheer drop of 500ft to the river below.  Flying round and round this tree were many males and females, more of the former than the latter.  We offered the natives very good payment if they would go up with a net, but the tree was of a soft kind of wood, and being in such a dangerous position we could not persuade them to do so.  We ourselves guarded the ridge every day, but the males never once left the tree, so after some time we had the tree cut down, thinking that then the males would disperse and seek flowering trees, but after the tree had fallen we never saw another male."!    


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