Cithaerias aurorina, Rosey Posey

Cithaerias aurorina
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Iquitos, Peru
Rosey Posey
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The Rosey Posey butterfly is totally transparent beauty with deep rosey pink hindwings. This butterfly is a must for all collectors and artists!


  CHOOSE FLAT for photography, collections and display 

  CHOOSE IN FLIGHT for variable natural poses of our choice 

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Customer Reviews
Loved these butterflies These butterflies are beautiful and pinned nicely. Price is also excellent I'll be ordering more of these. Posted:
Cithaerias aurorina All of the specimens I have received from The Butterfly Company have been in perfect condition. Love ordering from this company! Posted:
Beautiful and great quality These butterflies are beautiful.. I ordered 4 different types and they came up packed carefully, each one it's own envelope and in perfect condition. Although the process to make them flat takes patience, I think it is totally worth taking the time to do it..Beatiful! Posted:
This is a beautiful specimen Absolutely stunning and looks great on my wall Posted:
Delicate and Beautiful This butterfly is absolutely gorgeous! The wings are thin and transparent almost like last. It's such a beautiful and delicate piece that I was scared to touch it but it all worked out in the end. It held up a lot better than I thought it was going to. I will definitely be buying more in the future. Posted:
Customer Review PhotoCustomer Photo Perfect! I LOVE this little one. Came in perfect shape and was very easy to spread. Worked great for the purpose and so beautiful. Posted:
Customer Review PhotoCustomer Photo Perfect pair! I purchased one male and one female for a personal terrarium project. I'm so grateful that the whole process of rehydrating, posing, and placing them went well because they're such perfect specimens and look just like I hoped they would based on the pics and descriptions! Very satisfied. Posted:
So happy! Loved opening these! It was so exciting. They were all so beautiful and true to description. None were damaged. I can't wait to start using these for my art project series! Posted:
Customer Review PhotoCustomer Photo My daughter and I had a BLAST making butterfly displays I just wanted to say thank you. I'm a 39 year old dad and my daughter Madison and I had a BLAST making butterfly displays for the house. I never thought I would have this much fun doing this either! haha! Just wanted to say thanks for having such a great website! Posted:
Butterflies received as pictured Thank you for the fast shipping and great services, I would never buy butterflies anywhere else! Every butterfly I have purchased is always as pictured on this website. Posted: