Cerambycidae / Longhorn Beetle Collection

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CerCPCcol-1; This wonderful collection of longhorn (Cerambycidae) beetles is from the private collection of our founder, Constance (Connie) Hurt.  Many of these examples were imported in the 1980's, 90's from countries in Africa and other seldom collected locations.  There are some intricately designed elusive species and there are a few stunning male and female pairs that illustrate the differences between the sexes!!   

*Most are in very good condition.  You will receive this exact group, spread as shown.  Some items have full data and for others you will need you to use your sleuth skills and research where they come from!   This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a 'one of a kind' collection of Longhorn beetles.  

Our minimum order is $35.00 + $12.95 Shipping and Handling. Regretfully we cannot process orders below this amount.

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