Icones Ornithopterum (1898-1906), Rare Lepidoptera Book

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London, England
Rare Lepidoptera Book
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The books have sold! And are moving back into a private collection, we are happy to share the photos here for you to enjoy as a reference. 

Perhaps one of the most important reference books in the butterfly world, the Icones Ornithopterum was published over 100 years ago, and still is believed by many to be one of the most exquisite books about butterflies that exists today.

Published in two volumes, the  Icones Ornithopterum is widely regarded as the most important work by Robert H.F. Rippon. Rippon was a zoologist, naturalist, and illustrator who spent most of his life working in London during the late 19th century. 

The Icones Ornithopterum had many copies published, however, R. Rippon went to the painstaking effort of hand-coloring only 30 of the original copies; this volume is one of those original 30.  It took 20 years for Rippon to hand color the 30 copies, and between the two volumes there are 100 illustrated (colored plates) in total.  Many of other original 30 colored editions are in the permanent collections of the world's greatest museums, The Smithsonian, Natural History Museum of London, etc.

These photos are of two original hand-colored volumes of Icones Ornithopterum, from the collection of our founder Constance (Connie) Hurt. The books are in very good condition, and all photos shown here are of the actual volumes. 

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