Heteropteryx dilittata F, Thorny Devil

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Perak, Malaysia
Thorny Devil
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The Thorny Devil is the heaviest walking stick in the world although it does have pretty pink wings it cannot fly because she's just to fat!  I think you will agree that every collection, every teacher or classroom, or anyone interested in curiosities must have this beast of an insect!   She is almost impossible to find since her colors make her nearly invisible. Fact is, they are fully active and social by twilight looking for food and trying to avoid the lurking predators. And you might wonder if they hurt people?  Heck, look at those thorns covering every single part of its body, face and legs. Of course they hurt and it is the reason they are named - The Thorny Devil! This amazing creature (Heteropteryx dilitatais found only in the lush tropical forests of West Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.  BTW, our suppliers tell us the dung from this creature is used by the Chinese as a cure for asthma!  Photos courtesy of Tom Phipps who wrote:  Being that I'm currently on a kick of macro focus-stacking insects, I figured, 'I would go big, or go home'!  Macro wasn't necessary for this one, as she measures a full 6 inches in body length! I added a penny for scale...   Thanks Tom!  

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