Urania ripheus, F

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Ambatolaoma, Madagascar
Sunset Moth Female
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Urania Ripheus.  This day flying moth is said to be the most magnificent of all insects in the world!  Its iridescent wings are unrivaled in the animal kingdom.  And its metallicly spectacular on both sides!!    Its colors are structural and will appear to change right before your eyes depending on the incidence of light that shines on its wings! Females are even more spectacular than the male because its larger!  This is a must have for everyone and its so beautiful we highly recommend getting two - and show it on  both sides!


  CHOOSE FLAT for photography, collections and display 

  CHOOSE IN FLIGHT for variable natural poses of our choice 

           Packaged for safety in transit  


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Customer Reviews
My first spread/pinning My Urania Ripheus specimen was in near perfect condition on arrival, minus a kink in its left wing. The spreading, pinning, and mounting of this insect was a wonderful experience. My specimen has a wingspan of 9 centimeters (roughly 3.5 inches). Plan to order a male Urania Ripheus Posted:
Love these! I love my Madagascan Sunset Moths, they always arrive in pristine condition. Posted:
Customer Review PhotoCustomer Photo Urania ripheus, f A beautiful moth turned into a pendant necklace. Thanks for your consistent quality products. Posted:
Just Lovely! This incredibly beautiful specimen is large and colorful. It is mounted with immaculate perfection. It really looks like it is alive and ready to fly off. Couldn't be more pleased! Posted:
Beautiful females The females are huge and take your breath away with their beauty. Posted:
Thanks for the Butterflies - Everything is Really Beyond Perfect! The Urania and Poseidons are the most beautiful I have ever seen, as are the Papilio Blumei and others (I presently have a Riker box with a truly lovely collection of these two types, but your specimens supersede them in brilliance and beauty). Everything is really beyond perfect and the plastic boxes are a really fine way to protect them until they are in the Riker boxes, or just to show to others. I will have such a good time with them. Thank you again for fulfilling my orders and for your terrific service!! Posted: