Glass Butterfly Wing Slides (6pc set), Butterfly Wing Slides

Glass Butterfly Wing Slides (6pc set)
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Butterfly Wing Slides

Thank you for watching my video's demonstrating how I spread butterflies!   Since so many of you asked about glass wing slides heavy enough to use for spreading butterflies and moths, I had my local glass company make them for us.  You will love them!  Perfect sizes!  They will last forever!    These heavy glass slides are professionally cut with edges smoothed for safety in handling.

Glass Size Price Price@5  
Small       1.5 x 2.5"    $9.95   $9.85    
Medium    2.0 x 3.5"   $11.95   $11.85    
Large       2.0 x 5.0"   $12.95   $12.85    
XLarge     3.0 x 6.0"    $13.95   $13.85    

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Customer Reviews
Mounting Lepidoptera is Much Easier Using These Decades ago I used glass microscope slides. Wow! These glass slides are orders of magnitude better than those thin, light microscope slides. I purchased several packs of the various sizes and they make the spreading process a real joy. Highly recommended. Posted:
Only Place To Shop What a fabulous experience I had with Joseph and his staff. They offer top of the market items with great customer service that leaves the impression that they are concerned about your needs. I highly recommend The Butterfly Co., they will put a smile on your face :-) Posted: