Riker Mount Shadow Box, Riker Shadow Box

Riker Mount Shadow Box
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Riker Shadow Box
Riker Mount Shadow Boxes are 2 inches deep so you can show off most any insect or collectible.  This 2 piece box with removable glass top is filled with a white fiber pad and is covered with black leatherette paper.  Quality chipboard construction lasts for years.  *If desired the fiber fill pad can be easily replaced with foam or any other pinning surface.  Hang them, put them on easels or stack and store them on shelves.   
Sizes Available
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06x8x2"   $24.95   $24.85    
08x12x2"    $29.95   $29.85    
08x14x2"   $34.95   $34.85    


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Customer Reviews
Customer Review PhotoCustomer Photo Great display box Ordered the display box after my son found a bunch of bugs and cashed in all his change to order more of the rare bugs. Completely worth it. We plan on ordering two more so he can separate all of the bugs (moth, butterfly, beetle etc) Posted: