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Riker Mounts
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Riker Mounts
Riker Mounts are economical and popular with collectors, decorators and museums.  This 2 piece quality chipboard box is 3/4" deep with a removable glass top.  It is filled with a white fiber pad, covered with black leatherette paper and is constructed to last for years.  Your collectible is held in place between the glass top and fiber pad.   Hang them, put them on easels or stack and store on shelves.
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4x5x.75"       $11.95   $11.75    
5x6x.75"   $12.95   $12.75    
6x8x.75"    $14.95   $14.75    
8x12x.75"   $21.95   $21.75    
12x16x.75"   $35.95   $35.75    


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Overjoyed to Find These Genuine Riker Mounts These are the classic Riker Mounts: still the best way to display Lepidoptera. I am presently assembling several collections for the large size Riker Mounts, to give to my grandchildren. They will be perfect for wall hanging. Posted: