Stainless Steel Insect Pins (100 pack) , Stainless Insect Pins

Stainless Steel Insect Pins (100 pack)
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Stainless Insect Pins
Package of 100 pins!   Don't use just any pin!  Our superior quality pins are made of stainless steel, have a brass head, sharp points, and guaranteed not to rust. Manufactured in Europe.  We have refined our inventory to the three sizes that will work for ANY project! There is a fine pin (#00) for very small butterflies or placing through wings for stabilization, the medium pin (#3) which works for 90% of butterfly and insect pinning, and the large pin (#7) is 2 inches long and great for large beetles or insects and the other two are approx. 1.5" long. 
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Great Service The pins will do what you need them to do, pin a specimen down. What really made me leave this review is how well my questions and lack of knowledge was addressed by Joseph and his staff. What a terrific experience, I will definitely do my part to keep them in business by shopping here again. Thank you Joseph and Staff. Posted: