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How To Order

Please use our shopping cart which is 100% secure and designed to be user friendly for residents in the United States.  (Non-USA residents see Overseas and Canada orders) You can easily navigate between departments, enter promo codes, select rush services and add a special note or request.  After you submit your order you will receive an emailed confirmation your order was received.  No computer?  Print our order form and mail it to us with payment. 


Frame Your Butterfly!

Need a frame? Try our modern and beautiful new 3D acrylic frames! We can add a hand-built custom acrylic frame to almost any butterfly or moth, these provide a simple and elegant method to display your favorite butterflies on a bookshelf or hanging on the wall. We will build the right size frame for the butterfly of your choice in a 3D acrylic box and hide a wall mount behind the butterfly for hanging. Simply add the “Framed In Acrylic” service to your butterfly and we’ll do the rest! Please allow an extra 7 days for us to build your custom frame, some of the more fragile insects and walking sticks may not be able to be framed, and legs & antennae may be removed to ensure they don’t break off during shipping.                                         *Framing fee INCLUDES spreading & mounting service! Please don't add an additional spreading fee!* 


We are excited to bring you a bi-annual auction! We hope this will be a fun and engaging experience for our customers. At the conclusion of each auction, all winning bids will be final and in the days following the end of the auction winning bidders will be sent a formal invoice including a 5% hammer fee to cover the cost of processing through the auction platform, as well as a shipping charge calculated to cover the cost of insured shipping to winner's designated shipping address. Shipping will be done via UPS or post at our discretion based on the most cost-effective and timely manner of delivery. Good luck bidding! 



For your peace of mind and to insure 100% privacy we use SSL Certificate Technology which means your online order will be encrypted to protect your personal information so it cannot be read in transit.  Most major credit cards are accepted from USA residents only.  Important: Your billing address must match the address your credit card statement is sent to or it will be declined.  Money orders and checks are welcome by selecting pay with check during check out process which will reserve your order for 5 days.


Overseas and Canada Orders

If you do not reside in the United States we only accept orders over $500 because of complicated paperwork, permits and declarations required by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to export.  In addition to your order there is a fee of $175 for us to process export declarations + the cost to ship with Fedex which usually takes 2-3 weeks to arrive after order is received.  If  your order contains any CITES species which are Ornithoptera, Troides and Trogonoptera butterfly species the minimum order is $1000 + $175 for export declaration + $275 for a Cites Reexport Certificate + the cost to ship with Fedex and it may take 6-8 weeks or longer for us to receive the permits and paperwork to ship your order.   Prepayment is required by Paypal without exception.  To continue with an order please email:


Returns and Cancellations

Within 14 business days of delivery, returns or cancellations must be authorized and are subject to the normal 15% restocking fee + credit card processing fees for the order and refund.  Shipping fees are not refunded and our return packaging requirements must be followed.  Spread specimens and custom spread work are not returnable.   


Shipping Information


Standard Shipping

We ship most orders by USPO mail.  Please allow 10-14 business days to arrive (longer if your order contains spreading service).  We offer free shipping for orders over $95 (please use code FREE95 at checkout) and $6.95 is the standard shipping cost for the average 1 lb. order.  If your order is over $300 or if it contains custom spread insects we reserve the right to insure it at your cost.  We will contact you if additional shipping cost is required.  In a hurry?  See options listed below. *(Free shipping excludes special orders, international, and orders containing heavy items)


Move to the front of the line!

Most orders are filled on a first come first serve basis but we do make exceptions. We can prioritize your order and move it to the front of line to get it ready to ship within a few business days. It should arrive in 7-10 days (spreading can also be prioritized, but will add some additional time). The fee is $25 in addition to the standard S&H fee of $6.95. Prioritize My Order for $25 extra.


Express Mail Service

We know sometimes you needed your order yesterday and we can accommodate you.  We can move your order to the front of the line and get it ready to mail asap.   It will then be shipped with Express Mail Service.  The fee is $80 in addition to the standard S&H fee of $6.95 for a standard one pound package. *(This is the fee to move you ahead of everyone else in line! We reserve the right to charge extra if you require overnight shipping through our Fedex or UPS accounts).  Express Mail My Order for $80 extra.

About the Insect Specimens

Our butterflies and insects are dead and dried, real specimens from Butterfly Farms around the world.  Farming saves rainforests and increases butterfly populations. The farms have to preserve large areas of native forest growth to cultivate and collect the native host plants needed to feed their caterpillars and run their businesses. This provides motivation for the families to protect local forests where they are located, instead of selling the land for mono-crop farming, an unfortunate alternative. We sell dried unspread butterflies & moths packaged as shown in glassine envelopes with their wings closed, antennae intact but not guaranteed because of their fragility or quality selected.  Other insects are set on cardboard covered with cellophane, legs and antennae tucked close to body.  We take great care to package your order to assure safety in transit.  Dried insects can be stored indefinitely or re-hydrated and spread when they arrive. Concerning morphos, please note that many of our suppliers remove the abdomens on morpho butterflies to prevent the oil in the abdomens from staining the wings. When purchasing we offer an option for spreading and posing service for an additional fee. *If you're in a hurry and need posed butterflies immediately call us at (773) 225-9909 

Quality Grading Standards are similar to stamps and coins

A1     Specimen is perfect or nearly so
NP     Near Perfect, very minor imperfection
A-      Good.  Small chip or light scratch. (*we cannot guarantee tarsi/legs on beetles!)
A2     Fair.  Tear, nick, smudge, likely repairable
2nd   Suitable for reference purpose only

FYI    Morpho & some Saturnid moth bodies are removed to prevent oil staining wings


Symbols and Codes Bulk Buying

M    = Male             F = Female         P = Male + Female     MM = Millimeter

Butterfly & moth:   Wingspan when spread flat from wing tip to wing tip 
Beetle:  Size from jaw or horn tip to end of shell.  
Insects:  Length from end of face to rear of body.

Bulk Buying

We offer discounts when purchasing in quantity of 5 or more of the same kind, however expect some less than  A1/A- quality since every specimen is not physically inspected. When possible we try to compensate by adding extra specimens. Depending on the species and supplier, antennae are not always in tact or included. Click here to view a list of our butterflies and insects with bulk discounted pricing. If you need 100 or more of any species sometimes we can further discount. Email us.


 Appraisals and Services 


Please contact us if you plan to donate or sell your collection. We can appraise your collection to establish the present value which will be important if you plan to sell it.  If you plan to donate it we can provide the necessary papers for IRS for the donation. We have appraised many collections including those placed into the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC and in many other Museums and Institutions.   For more info, call Connie (440) 387 8389 

Spreading Service


For photography!  Framing!  Crafts!  We can pose them for you!   If you're in a hurry call Joseph at (773) 225-9909. Most times we have a nice selection of butterflies already posed in various flying positions or with their wings flat like shown on this website. Some of our best customers include Martha Stewart, Ralph Loren and even MGM Studio Productions.  Click here for a few other pictures (*Spreading does typically take 5-7 days, so please allow some additional time)


Our Pledge and Commitment

The Butterfly Company is an Authorized and Licensed Dealer and we set the standards!  We are licensed with US Fish & Wildlife Service and comply with all US and International Import/Export Laws and Regulations.   When you buy from our company you can sleep peacefully knowing that all import and export clearances, proper documents and all permits are retained in our files.

Buying butterflies and insects, dead or alive, has rules and regulations everyone, without exception, must be in compliance with.  Import and export requirements are regulated by The US Fish and Wildlife Service. Not having cleared import and export declarations can land you in jail!  The good news is we have taken all the proper steps and we are 100% legal!

We strongly support Butterfly Farming and Conservation Projects.  Most of our butterflies and insects come from Butterfly Farms which support their ecosystems and economies and help the survival of the species, or from licensed breeders. All of these factors help ensure our material is sustainably and ethically sourced. Your purchases will help the farming industry continue without threats to the natural wild populations of butterflies and insects.

We are the most reliable legal US source for insect specimens!  Certain butterflies require special permits and we have the permits!  For your peace of mind, when you purchase any of these species requiring permits we will include our corresponding CITES Import Permit Number on your invoice.  CITES = Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.  CITES butterflies include all species of Ornithoptera, Troides, Trogonoptera and certain Papilionidae.


It's simple. We strive to provide superior quality and the best customer service to keep our customers coming back.  View our testimonials at the bottom of our homepage.



Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions?   Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.