Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your insects come from?

Most of our insects are raised on Butterfly Farms all over the world with the main farms located in South and Central America, Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa.   Some are from our breeders in the USA.

What is Butterfly Farming?

Butterfly Farming is a win win situation!  It helps to preserve rain forests and also assures the survival of natural butterfly habitats.   Native people are encouraged to grow plants and raise insects opposed to clearing land for cash crops.

What do people do with butterflies?

People buy butterflies for lots of reasons but mostly as a hobby similar to stamp and coin collecting but it is lots more enjoyable.  Most customers put them into a collection or display case.  Or into economical riker mounts.  Some put them in frames or use them in crafts, others photograph them, study them, advertize with them, or use them as table and centerpiece decorations or plants or curtain accents.

How are they preserved?

Insects are naturally preserved naturally when they are dried and put into paper envelopes.   The use of PDB (Paradichlorabenze Moth Crystals) is encouraged for long term storage in drawers or display cases once a year.

Are the colors real and how long does the color last?

Yes, the colors are real.  Only a few insects loose color or fade over time.   Properly maintained in a collection or display they can last indefinately.

Can I spread my own dried butterflies and insects?

Yes, but it takes some practice.  Spreading is the process of re-hydrating (remoistening) dried butterflies and insects to open the wings or to pose them in any formation you please. Video demonstration. 

Which should I buy first?

Whatever you like!  In time you may find you favor certain families or groups and then you might want to focus or specialize in particular kinds.  But in the beginning just buy the ones that visually appeal to you.

Is quality important?

Like any collectible, the better the quality the higher the value.   We offer various qualities at different prices so you can determine what fits your needs and your budget.  * Beginners and children with start up collections can save money buying less than A1 quality since it will take some practice.   If your goal is to a serious collector we suggest getting the best quality you can afford.

Do you sell live butterflies and insects?

No we do not.   We can recommend (ask for Randi)  for live butterfly kits and other live insects.