Spread Butterflies

Spread Butterflies!  Let us Pose them for you ...

We can pose any butterfly for you in flying positions for $12-$25 each depending on the species and quantity you order. If your in a hurry we have a great selection of our most popular butterflies ready to go! Give me a call and I can prepare a package just for you. Posed butterflies are sent in storage containers on easy to remove pins. Dried butterflies are easy to handle and remove from containers. They maintain their colors.


Spread Butterflies in Flat Position

We can spread butterflies for you to look exactly like those on our website - with their wings flat open. They will be packaged safely for simple removal and they will be easy to handle! Pin them or glue them right into your display case or frames! The average spreading fee is $12 per each specimen. You will love our professional work! Call Connie (440) 387 8389